Friday, March 15, 2013

Convenience and Gaining More

In the past few months, I may not have worked at a big broadcasting network nor have I met news anchors nor have I experienced participating in story conferences but I know that I had a great OJT experience on my last semester in school.

I have chosen Catfish Software Incorporated as my OJT site for the second semester mostly out of convenience. Our adviser said that we could use up time from our jobs and I thought that it presented the perfect opportunity—I would have an OJT site without having to waste time, money, and effort applying to big companies and I would also get paid while in the company.
It’s also lucky I guess that I mentioned to my boss during my first semester that I might have my internship at his company and he consented on that. He was on board with it and he was very supportive. He even came up with the Google Authorship Program so that I could have additional points for my internship class.

I know I had to give up some things for the sake of convenience but I guess it is okay to let go of some things especially if the other choice has more pros rather than cons. If I had gone for a broadcasting company, I might not have been able to focus on my work nor on my thesis. I might have gone home at the end of the day feeling exhausted and not having the energy to work on the articles that I need to submit. On this regard, I think having my internship at CSI is one of the best decisions I made for this year.

I learned so much from CSI about the real world when it comes to working. I have been exposed to the new trends that writers can pursue in the coming years. I learned from my boss that there is a paradigm shift that is slowly changing the landscape of writing today. Writers are no longer bound to newspapers, magazines, or television shows. There are more options for people who want to pursue writing. Thanks to cloud computing, the market that writers can tap is expanding. Thanks to the internet, we can now work abroad and earn more without having to step out of our country. In way even labor becomes convenient.

The best skill that I developed from working in this company is flexibility when it comes to writing assignments. I have learned to adjust to the demands of clients. I learned to write feature articles and news articles. The wide variety of topics that we have to write as content writers allows you to develop the habit of researching so that I will know what I have to put in my articles.

I may have lost the opportunity to experience how it is like to work for a broadcasting company but what I have gained in the last few months and what I am about to gain in the coming years from CSI will be bigger.

I have long since decided that I won’t be working as a journalist but that does not mean that I am not going to write. I will pursue writing in this new landscape and that will be my greatest achievement—doing something I love in a platform that I have learned to respect and appreciate thanks to working for CSI.


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